‘I approached Vinny and asked him to develop a training programme as part of my preparation for the Paris marathon. Vinny designed a training schedule that was tailored to my initial fitness level and race goals and could fit in with my tight time constraints. The programme was challenging and included enough variation to keep things interesting.  Cost was very reasonable. He was readily available to answer various questions and issues that arose along the way. After only 8 weeks following the programme, I took 14 minutes off a previously stubborn PB. I really hadn’t thought I could make such an improvement given my time constraints. I would highly recommend Vinny Mulvey Fitness for anyone looking to improve their running performance.’

‘Vinny’s interdisciplinary knowledge of all things running and fitness is delivered practically and enjoyably when you receive his coaching and guidance. He’s been there, done that, and is constantly adding to his knowledge. His unique determination and willingness to push forward with his goals and that of his clients means that Vinny Mulvey Fitness is a huge asset to the fitness community.’

‘I  was given Vinnys details through a friend in Mayo. Since I have dealt with him he has been very helpful with training plans advice and encouragement. He is passionate about what he does and I have no doubt you will reach your goals should you follow his advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone.’

‘My athletes at Pulse Fitness have been using Vinny’s training techniques to develop their skills, mental attitude, strength and core to be the best they can possibly be. Vinny has a serious input into my athletes preparation which they all benefit whatever their level. Vinny Mulvey’s professionalism is simply one of the best around.’

‘I started getting help with my running from Vinny about 18 months ago straight away i found him really helpful as he has a vast amount of knowledge about everything sports related and is willing to share it with his clients.He has helped me reach my goals and targets e.g . Dublin City Marathon 2010 with my own personal plan and continues to motivate and inspire me to achieve my goals for 2011. I would not hesitate in recommending Vinny to anyone who is interested in improving thier fitness levels.’

‘I got a personalised marathon programme for a target race and an ambitious PB. The plan Vinny gave me suited my life, focused on what I was poor at and built perfectly. There was constant support and Vinny was always quick with answers to any questions that I had. If you are looking for a run plan, forget the generic online ones, get one from Vinny. PB and target hit!’

If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, your times are not improving, or you don’t know where to start, then this is the service for you!

I provide individualised running schedules, based on your goals, past performances, current level of fitness and work/home life. I have never given two training programs to the same person; every training plan is individual to your needs.

I have found from past experiences that an 8 week training plan is ideal for people. Any longer than that and people tend to lose motivation or else their bodies adapt to the training load and they stop improving. It also allows me to re-evaluate your fitness levels after 8 weeks and progress the training plan based on those new levels of fitness.

Once you fill in your details, I will send you a personalised 8 week running schedule – every single day will include the distance, pace, recovery and other specifics to increase your natural running pace and make you a better runner. Also, if you need any advice over the 8 weeks, you are welcome to email me any queries that you may have.


Request a running schedule - online payment

Fill in this short form, make a payment and i will customise a running schedule to suit your needs.

  • List any goals you may have, eg to run a 5 minute mile, to run 10k in 40 mins or to break 3.30 for the marathon etc.
  • Would you prefer your schedule to be in miles or kilometres?
  • If you've completed any races, what are your best times, and when did you run those times?
  • Please give me an idea of your current training routine (if any), eg. how many miles you run and how many days per week you run.
  • What day do you usually do your long run?
  • Do you wear a Garmin or similar gps watch to measure your runs? Do you wear a heart rate monitor strap or pay attention to your heart rate?
  • Click the days that you are available to train on and leave those that you cannot train on, i can build a running schedule to fit around your work / life balance!
  • Do you have any prior engagements over the next 6 to 8 weeks which will prevent you from training, eg. Wedding, travel etc? If so, please list the dates
  • Married? Kids? Are you in a physical job? Are you in a seated job? Working nights or shift work? These things might all influence how i make the perfect schedule for you.
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