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    Here's some recent testimonials from my clients

Why take my word for it? Have a read of some of the following to see why I’m your number one choice for physical therapy and running advice

Treating Olympic Hurdler Joel Brown (USA)

Treating Olympic Hurdler Joel Brown (USA)

‘I went to Vinny at a time of need based on recommendations from those in the know and he certainly has delivered.  I’ve been to several physical therapists, but none compare in relation to explaining treatments and how the athletic body works. Unlike the typical physical therapist, he identifies areas that require attention and varies treatment accordingly.  For a light guy he packs a punch and gets stuck in. As a bonus, it’s great to get training tips from an athlete who has achieved. I’m back running now and intend keeping up visits to Vinny to ensure I get back to and remain in top physical condition.   I would recommend Vinny to anyone looking to maximise their athletic performances.’
Barry Minnock

‘I was diagnosed with sero-negative arthritis at 17 and fibromyalgia shortly after this. I had been in an out of hospital a number of times over the years and been on more medication than I could count. Now at 21 I had to take a year out from college because my health had deteriorated so badly. I was in such an unhappy place having being used to training 6 days a week to then being unable to participate even in college. Shortly after deciding not to return to college for the year I met Vinny. Even after my first appointment with Vinny I felt better already and as the treatments have progressed I can see that I am improving all the time. He understood the illness that I was suffering from and really listened to me so as to work with me in managing and maintaining my health. He has truly helped on my road to recovery and enabled me to get back into good physical condition. I would highly recommend Vinny to both athletes and non-competitors alike as he has a wonderful knowledge of neuromuscular physiology and an excellent and caring approach to treatment as well as helping you to achieve your own goals.’
Sarah Jane Lalor

‘I spent two whole years out injured and was in a spiral of failed comebacks when I engaged with Vinny. As a decent club runner for most of my adult life, training and competing has always been an important part of my life. Being continuously injured led me to feeling down about myself and I became increasingly frustrated. Vinny looked at the whole picture and embraced my situation with great honesty, enthusiasm and positivity. He encouraged me to cross train more, provided top class physical therapy (believe me I’ve been around a few), made me do tailored exercises and always kept in touch . I’ve made great progress and was fortunate to win the Howth Triathlon and recent Fingal Duathlon. I am much more aware of my physical limits and count Vinny as a vital member of my sporting life. His motivation is purely based on empowering people to achieve their potential.He is gifted at what he does and offers a complete package for casual or elite sportspeople with maintenance or recovery.’
Eoin Brady

‘I have suffered with my sacro-iliac joint and lower back pain for years, aggravated and compounded by pregnancy, childbirth and running. I spent a small fortune on therapists until I met Vinny. His professionalism, knowledge of injuries and the human body is second to none and I know now if I even have a niggle that Vinny will instantly know how to sort it out. His approach and manner is direct and personable and I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends.’
Jennifer Foran

‘Vinny instils a real “can do” attitude; he is always available for the inevitable day to day questions during the build up to an event. I have never gotten as must out of my training as I have since I started working with Vinny. When I first met Vinny I got an honest assessment of my current ability, and a roadmap to fulfil my potential.’
David Kirwin

‘I  was given Vinnys details through a friend in Mayo. Since I have dealt with him he has been very helpful with training plans advice and encouragement. He is passionate about what he does and I have no doubt you will reach your goals should you follow his advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone.’
David Glynn

‘I am a fitness instructor and enthusiast at Stringer Fitness in Ashbourne and teach up to 8 classes a day. As a result of this, I have always suffered with migraines and severe shoulder pain for years. I booked in to see Vinny and he fixed both for me in just a few sessions, using sports massage and dry needling. He confidently diagnosed my injuries in a professional manner, eased my discomfort and showed me self help techniques to keep the injuries at bay.  I regularly recommend my clients to visit Vinny’s clinic as he is the best I’ve been too.’
Yvonne Stringer

‘I started getting help with my running from Vinny about 18 months ago straight away i found him really helpful as he has a vast amount of knowledge about everything sports related and is willing to share it with his clients.He has helped me reach my goals and targets e.g . Dublin City Marathon 2010 with my own personal plan and continues to motivate and inspire me to achieve my goals for 2011. I would not hesitate in recommending Vinny to anyone who is interested in improving thier fitness levels.’
Mark Hoare

‘I went to Vinny to improve my core and came away with a whole host of ideas and suggestions that have improved my running aside from the core exercises. Vinny’s experience in athletics combined with his qualifications in many areas of sports allow him to offer a unique package. He also brings huge enthusiasm to his work. If you are looking to bring your sports performance to the next level then I would strongly recommend a visit to Vinny.’
Will Walsh

‘I started running about two and half years ago. It was gradual and never over the top. I then decided to challenge myself and up my runs and try going a little faster. I never thought about muscle maintenance or sports massage until I started getting twinges in my calves and numbness in my feet while running. It began to worry me. I went to the doctor about the numbness in my feet and he couldn’t figure out what was going on. A good friend recommended I go see Vinny. I booked myself in and found him to be very professional. I found his knowledge of running injuries (due to his own experiences) to be exceptional and he quickly explained what was going on in my own legs. He found trigger points in my shins referring down to my feet and quickly deactivated them. I now attend Vinny on a regular basis for maintenance and would highly recommend him to anyone with any sports injuries or twinges.’
Avril Bailey

‘Vinny combines the best of bio-mechanical research with a common sense approach to developing fitness plans that promote realistic and attainable goals. Without doubt, the best I’ve worked with.’
Padraig Sweeney

‘I started going to see Vinny in October 2011, just before the Dublin Marathon, for frequent massage. I found him to be very professional in his work. He also made me feel very comfortable, as I know some women can feel uneasy going to a male physio. I have regularly attended Vinny’s clinic with any niggles or twinges since then. He has always fixed any injury for me very quickly and he doesn’t pressure you into coming back for any unnecessary treatment. I would recommend Vinny to anyone looking for anything from a massage to a sports injury.’
Jacqui Boyle

‘My athletes at Pulse Fitness have been using Vinny’s training techniques to develop their skills, mental attitude, strength and core to be the best they can possibly be. Vinny has a serious input into my athletes preparation which they all benefit whatever their level. Vinny Mulvey’s professionalism is simply one of the best around.’
Sebastian Locteau

‘Vinny has helped me reach my goals for the last few years in 3 Dublin Marathons and 1 Belfast Marathon. He succeeded in helping me lower my personal best by over a minute. He has also been there to help with any injuries I picked up along the way. 10 out of 10!’
Edward Booth

‘I have known Vinny since I was 12 years of age. Not only is he a very close friend of mine but, I can wholeheartedly say that Vinny has been instrumental in helping me achieve the Olympic B standard in my recent marathon debut in Rotterdam. As a chronic sciatica sufferer, I continue to work with Vinny on a weekly basis to manage my sciatic problems which enable me to train at the high volume and intensity that is required for the marathon. Specifically, I have found Vinny’s trigger point therapy and soft tissue release to be extremely beneficial in keeping my injuries at bay. I have recommended Vinny to many of my friends and fellow athletes and I will continue to do so in the future. I look forward to working with Vinny in the future as I bid to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games.’
Sean Connolly

‘I was referred to Vinny by a club mate in Donore Harriers. I had been sidelined for a few weeks with ITB syndrome and a calf problem which kept me out for weeks. After the first session of Vinny’s trigger point and massage techniques, I was back running the following day. My injuries have been a thing of the past as I visit Vinny regularly to keep my legs in good shape. I would recommend anyone to see Vinny as his wealth of experience and knowledge will have you going in the right direction.’
Dave Heffernan

‘Vinny’s interdisciplinary knowledge of all things running and fitness is delivered practically and enjoyably when you receive his coaching and guidance. He’s been there, done that, and is constantly adding to his knowledge. His unique determination and willingness to push forward with his goals and that of his clients means that Vinny Mulvey Fitness is a huge asset to the fitness community.’
Darragh McCashin

‘I have been attending Vinny Mulvey for weekly deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and soft tissue release treatments for over 6 months now, and my weekly visits have become an integral part of my pre-race preparation and post-race recovery. In the past I struggled with injury and constant muscle fatigue; however since commencing treatments with Vinny I have had one of the longest periods of injury free running in memory and have reached a new level athletically. Unquestionably the regular treatments I have received from Vinny have played a part in helping my body recover from the exertions of regular high intensity training and racing. From a running perspective it’s great to get the advice and opinion of an athlete who runs at the highest level. Whatever the future may hold athletically, regular treatments from Vinny Mulvey will be part of my regimen. He is excellent at what he does and I have full faith in his ability.’
Sean Hehir

‘I can honestly say that getting treated by Vinny saved my running career. I used to suffer badly with knee and groin pain. Vinny’s deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and stretching techniques, combined with Kinesio Taping eased my pain and got me back on the road literally. I find Vinny very positive in his approach and outlook and he has the running experience to back it up. He was very keen to get me back running as quickly as possible and in a safe manner. Vinny has a huge interest in his work and it really shows on the treatment table. I am now back running and enjoying it pain free thanks to Vinny.’
Danny O’ Farrell

‘I attended Vinny’s running camps in the Phoenix Park last winter and found them to be brilliant. I have signed up for bootcamps and other fitness classes in the past but found Vinny’s classes to be of a much higher quality. He really takes an interest in everyone’s running and never seems to amaze us all with his positivity and good humour. My running times improved significantly after his 6 week running camp and I have already signed up for the summer classes. Thanks Vinny.’
Lisa Farrell

‘I approached Vinny and asked him to develop a training programme as part of my preparation for the Paris marathon. Vinny designed a training schedule that was tailored to my initial fitness level and race goals and could fit in with my tight time constraints. The programme was challenging and included enough variation to keep things interesting.  Cost was very reasonable. He was readily available to answer various questions and issues that arose along the way. After only 8 weeks following the programme, I took 14 minutes off a previously stubborn PB. I really hadn’t thought I could make such an improvement given my time constraints. I would highly recommend Vinny Mulvey Fitness for anyone looking to improve their running performance.’
Shane McAuley